315 - I've Become... Triumphantly Dumb

Episode 315 December 22, 2021 00:39:47
315 - I've Become... Triumphantly Dumb
The iDeveloper Podcast
315 - I've Become... Triumphantly Dumb

Show Notes

This week the boys sum up this past year by talking; their holiday plans to their end-of-year wisdoms, their last weeks work, with John working with different designs using real data and Scotty with the release of the MoneyWell beta. John also hopes to get an extra special listener by talking his recent work with JavaScript and Node. Scotty also talks his further research into the world of multi-platform, especially in regards to the possible future of MoneyWell.

Life of Brian | IMDB

Life of Brian Latin Scene Analysed

JavaScript Copy Object

Kotlin Multi-Platform

Polynome App

Polynome Tutorials | YouTube

Racket App

iOS UI Job Listing for Racket

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