<img src="/images/logo.png" width="300" height="300" style="center-block" /> It seems our website/blog host has decided to go belly up on us and we can no longer update the site. This is a temporary website for the latest episode while we get the rest of the site moved somewhere. ## Latest Episode ### [177 - An accessibly functional BBQ on the roof.](podcast177/) **Released: 10th July 2017.** Scotty and John record this episode while preparing a BBQ. They talk about accessibilbity , internationalization, refactoring , unit testing, code review and functional programming. + [Download The Episode](http://media.blubrry.com/ideveloper/ideveloperpodcast.ideveloper.co/ideveloper175.mp3) + [Show Notes](podcast177/) ## Feed Details + [Subscribe on iTunes](https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-ideveloper-podcast/id400664935?mt=2) + [RSS feed](http://feeds.ideveloper.co/ideveloperpodcast.xml) ## Older Episodes [Old Site (Hopefully Still Working for now)](http://ideveloper.typed.com)