• 180 - StackView Is My Safe Word

    The boys are back with a fragile agreement to be nice to each other. They praise stack views and slam bindings while not really caring about the recent intel chip security issues. They also discuss how submodules are still confusing and Scotty wishes he could use the Swift Package Manager.

  • 179 - Bursting with Excitement

    After a long time away the boys are back and John is so excited he has literally split open. Once they have cleaned up the mess that made they talk about the Lottie open source library, accessibility and the iPhone X

  • We are back

    Moving all are files and the feed to Linode should now be complete and everything should be working again.

    Now all we need to do is get a new episode out.

  • CDN Down

    Our feed and audio files are hosted on CDN 77. Each year I buy bandwidth which should be enough to cope with downloods for a year. A year ago I bought quite a lot of bandwidth and I should have plenty left. However it seems CDN 77 only allow purchased bandwidth to be used for a year. So even though I have plenty of the bandwidth left CDN 77 have stopped serving the iDeveloper files unless I purchase more bandwidth.

    I have decided I have had enough of paying the for bandwidth I never get to use so I am moving the feed and files to my own server on Linode.

    As of this moment the feed and the audio files are not available but I am hoping they will be back within 24 hours after they have copied to Linode and the DNS has refreshed.

    Sorry about the mess.


  • 178 - Dude, Right On

    Back after Scotty's vacation the boys talk about the release of the Netflix app in Hebrew. John's new adventures in Swift and Scottys disappointment with the way Realmac Software have handled the closing of Typed.com

  • 177 - An accessibly functional BBQ on the roof.

    Scotty and John record this episode while preparing a BBQ. They talk about accessibilbity , internationalization, refactoring , unit testing, code review and functional programming.

  • 176 - Easily Pleased Moron

    Scotty and John discuss a Mac app called Kite Compositor designed to help you learn and use Core Animation. They also discuss how Scotty is getting on with his new iPad Pro and his continuing love for the Xcode 9 editor.

    They also discuss thew recent Scott Forstall interview about the development of the iPhone and Scotty shares about how hard it is for new small companies to work with large clients and reveals he is beginning to learn the functional language elixir.

  • Change of Website

    It appears that our website host Typed.com are closing down. We are going to transfer all the old show notes here to our new site as fast as we can but it will take some time so please be patient.