The iDeveloper Podcast

--- Steve Scott (Scotty) & John Fox ---

The iDeveloper Podcast is a magazine style podcast for OS X and iOS developers. Each episode looks at subjects such as recent developer news, technical issues around cocoa and cocoa touch, the latest tools and utilities as well as examining the business side of being an indie Mac or iOS developer.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 271 -

    From the variety of voting practices from country to country and even within the US itself to an honest realisation of MoneyWell. This week the boys talk John's appearance on this seasons Netflix quarterly film thanks to his work with accessibility, while also talking his latest work with dealing with ...


  2. 270 - Let's Try to Keep This Professional

    This week the boys talk more on accessibility based design with John and what he learnt from his recent Data Week, and Scotty's daily use of text size control. Scotty also shares his current work with redesigning the spending plan within MoneyWell and what decisions need to be made going ...


  3. 269 - A Fractionally Interesing Episode

    This week John talks his latest translation success with Netflix now being fully localised for Russia and the work that goes into localising an app, from the many translations for singular English words to the expansions of others. Scotty talks the ever growing generational gap as iOS devices change and ...


  4. 268 - end tell! end tell! end tell!

    With John's return to his regularly scheduled programming this week, he announces his appreciation for user feedback, both good and bad. Also sharing some insight into his current WIP with navigation, and talks on how accessibility is starting to be perceived as more of a fundamental than as an afterthought. ...


  5. 267 - L'Assenza Fa Crescere IL Cuore Più Forte

    After a much longer than expected break the boys are finally back with a bumper length episode of what's been going on in their world of tech, complete with all the usual incompetence. With Johns recent international adventure, the boys talk what comes with trying to continue to work with ...