249 - No Pants! The New Business Casual!

April 03, 2020 00:35:29
249 - No Pants! The New Business Casual!
The iDeveloper Podcast
249 - No Pants! The New Business Casual!

Apr 03 2020 | 00:35:29


Show Notes

This week John touches on dealing with WFH, his current work on Dynamic type and other Accessibility technologies. Also his dip into SwiftUI using NSScreencast. Scotty talks the ever evolving MoneyWell and new decisions being made, creating new private CocoaPods and the problems you can run into when updating the deployment target.

WebStorm | The Smartest JavaScript IDE by JetBrains
CocoaPods | The Dependency Manager for iOS & Mac projects.
NSScreencast | Quality videos on iOS development, released each week.
The Great Hummus Takeover
John Says Happy Birthday

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