288 - IngaBeebaBloobaAbbaBoombaAkappaAblooBaDoor

Episode 288 April 09, 2021 00:30:51
288 - IngaBeebaBloobaAbbaBoombaAkappaAblooBaDoor
The iDeveloper Podcast
288 - IngaBeebaBloobaAbbaBoombaAkappaAblooBaDoor

Apr 09 2021 | 00:30:51


Show Notes

John shares his week of working on a card game based app for a friend, the noticed differences between SwiftUI and UIKit, and some developer decisions that have cropped up. Also his upcoming day of accessibility bug fixing. Scotty shares his week of growing incompetence, starting with the ever more difficult task of recording a podcast, down to his work with NSBitmapImageRep.

I Think Therefore I Question

Programming Languages That Suck

Alex’s next career move after the RubyCocoa re-write fails

Alex Repty

Alex Repty @ NSConference running away from Obj-C

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