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The iDeveloper Podcast is a magazine style podcast for OS X and iOS developers. Each episode looks at subjects such as recent developer news, technical issues around cocoa and cocoa touch, the latest tools and ...more

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March 12, 2021 00:30:31
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284 - Scotty: Verified Wrongun

This week John has been experimenting with Speech-To-Text with some work relating to his recent HackDay project and shares his thoughts of Apples Voice Recognition API. Scotty shares his distinctly average week of some client work mixed with some MoneyWell error squashing.   Are We The Baddies? | YouTube ...



March 04, 2021 00:31:11
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283 - Tidbit for Tatbit

This week John announces the results of his most recent HackDay and the lessons learnt from HackDays long past, also talks the use of PDF / SVG for Netflix badges. Scotty talks his recent work with reworking the old MoneyWell codebase and his search for views, also a possibly unknown power tool for GitHub. Month Python - "Not Dead Yet" | YouTube One second to read GitHub code with VS Code | GitHub1s ...



February 26, 2021 00:30:59
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282 - Perfect Storm Of Failure

This week the boys talk the progression of languages in parallel with hardware. John hints at some possible near future success with his most recent HackDay and likens coding in Swift with landing on Mars. Scotty talks his steadily growing pile of dead MacBooks, using XcodeGen in MoneyWell and some work with fastlane including some issues with multi-factor authentication. Die Toten Hosen, predecessors of Scotty's new band Dead Laptops | Wikipedia Thomas Friedman on the dichotomy of American Greatness (Perseverance landing on Mars) and Failure (Texas electrical grid) | NYTimes Making Plans for Nigel, Jenkins CI is the new British Steel | Wikipedia App automation done right | fastlane Automated Organization for Your Mac | Hazel Heroic System Recovery For Mere Mortals | SuperDuper! ...



February 18, 2021 00:34:53
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281 - Buckets of Love

This week John talks some design issues with Dynamic Type being used within Tab Bars and some problem solving using SwiftUI. Also a bug within Full Keyboard Access. Scotty talks his recent work on MoneyWell and re-implementing sync into the existing codebase and the decisions that need to made on what sync platform to use.    Kaleidoscope   Magnification View: This is used to help people with low vision read the labels on tab bar items. It’s shown with a long press on a tab bar button when the largest Dynamic Type sizes are set. ...



February 05, 2021 00:34:41
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280 - Is Uranus in Opposition?

This week Scotty shares his first experience with Apple's new M1 chip with a client's 2021 MacBook Air, how this compares with last years DTK and his 2018 Intel MacBook Pro, as well as some quirks that are still to be ironed out. John share his work this week with A/B tests on VoiceOver, the connection between what's visibly happening on screen through VoiceOver. As well as the difficulty of integrating Voice Control.   Nike Hands Free Shoe ...



January 29, 2021 00:33:17
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279 - Are You Feeling Uncomfortable Yet?

This week the boys continue their discussion of business within the software world and how Scotty has been trying to put business decisions ahead of technical ones, with mixed success. Scotty also talks about updating the MoneyWell website and some decisions being made for the app itself, especially regarding sync possibilities.   Paul Hawken | Wikipedia Growing a Business | Good Reads Brad Cox, Inventor of Obj-C | Wikipedia Gus Mueller's Appreciation of Obj-C ...

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