329 - Quiet Together for a Moment Together

Episode 329 April 07, 2022 00:32:49
329 - Quiet Together for a Moment Together
The iDeveloper Podcast
329 - Quiet Together for a Moment Together

Apr 07 2022 | 00:32:49


Show Notes

This week John talks his glorious week of star studded premiers in Hollywood, inter-company communication, accessibility labels in comparison to audio description, his work with VoiceOver and how accessibilityElementDidBecomeFocused() is your friend when trying to scroll a collection view to the correct place after a cell has been selected by VoiceOver. Scotty talks the enlisting of an unbiased fresh set of eyes to produces a report on MoneyWell purely from a user standpoint, the next stage in the beta process for MoneyWell including some sync issues that have cropped up with a few beta users and the opaque-ness of syncing with iCloud.

accessibilityElementDidBecomeFocused() | Apple Documentation

Warren Zevon: Lawyers, Guns and Money

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