The iDeveloper Podcast

--- Steve Scott (Scotty) & John Fox ---

The iDeveloper Podcast is a magazine style podcast for OS X and iOS developers. Each episode looks at subjects such as recent developer news, technical issues around cocoa and cocoa touch, the latest tools and utilities as well as examining the business side of being an indie Mac or iOS developer.

Brought to you by Steve Scott (Scotty) & John Fox of The iDeveloper Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. 248 - MFT Compliant

    Scotty talks maintaining and calculating totals on differing scales and the complications of supporting multiple currencies. John talk the difficulties of collaborating in world in lockdown, the question of to rebase or to merge your base branch and the life of remote working. ...


  2. 247 - Broadcasting Live from Camp Corona!

    No surprise that this week a topic of conversation is the latest global pandemic, with the boys giving a glimpse into how it’s being handled on both sides of the pond. John’s feeling a little ‘Groovy’ whilst using this Java-syntax-compatible language. Scotty talks the difficulties of processing financial data, especially ...


  3. 246 - Putting the Ho in Co-Host.

    This week the boys touch on the impact of current global events on the upcoming run of tech conferences. Scotty talks the progression of MoneyWell with sync, Continuous Integration and Xcode Test Bots. John talks the precautions that US tech companies are taking and app suites and pricing models. ...


  4. 245 - Software Dev Podcast - With Stuff In It!

    This week the boys talk through the feedback they’ve been getting from the Architecture talks over the last few weeks. John talks his most recent mistake regarding data types and the nill/null/empty problem. Scotty talks importing problems with the latest MoneyWell news. ...


  5. 244 - A Whole Load of Copy Pasta.

    Scotty asks for assistance for a very particular AppKit problem. John brings yet other question from Sammy Seabass to the discussion. This week it’s about the composition and presentation of views on iOS. Also John talks about his latest endeavours into backend code. ...