311 - Number One Windows Fans!

Episode 311 November 11, 2021 00:34:31
311 - Number One Windows Fans!
The iDeveloper Podcast
311 - Number One Windows Fans!

Nov 11 2021 | 00:34:31


Show Notes

This week the boys continue their discussion on the new M1 Macbooks, with John discovering some more issues with RAM and Scotty talks the major decisions being made with his latest business expenditure, Silver or Space Grey? John talks his battle of the browsers after having troubles with the ever-hungry for RAM Chrome, the environmental impact of streaming video, the importance of alt-tags for images in Tweets. Scotty talks the big decisions being made with recent a business expenditure, the upcoming .NET Conf 2021 and how this might affect future MoneyWell development.

.NETConf Website

.NETConf Videos | YouTube

The environmental impact of streaming video | Twitter

The importance of alt-tags for images in Tweets | YouTube

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