The iDeveloper Podcast

--- Steve Scott (Scotty) & John Fox ---

The iDeveloper Podcast is a magazine style podcast for OS X and iOS developers. Each episode looks at subjects such as recent developer news, technical issues around cocoa and cocoa touch, the latest tools and utilities as well as examining the business side of being an indie Mac or iOS developer.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. iDeveloper Live 064: It's All About the ADA

    Scotty muddles through without John as he interviews Pieter Omvlee and tries to extract as much information as he can out of him about how he has managed to win not one but two Apple Design Awards. ...


  2. iDeveloper Live 063: Dependencies and Tags

    Scotty and John get together with Simon Wolf and discuss the problems apps have when dependent on a third party service (Including the App Store). Simon also does the big reveal of what avTag actually is. ...


  3. iDeveloper Live 062: Resource Helper and Getting Paid

    Scotty and John talk with Chris Ross of Hidden Memory about his developer tool Resource Helper and how to ensure you get paid by having good contracts when doing client work. ...


  4. iDeveloper Live 061: Doing It The GitHub Way

    Scotty, John and Danny Greg discuss the release of Mountain Lion. Danny reveals how they do things at GitHub and Scotty mistakenly kills off James Earl Jones. ...


  5. iDeveloper Live 060: An Update From Appsterdam

    John has decided to spend his summer in Amsterdam and embrace the Appsterdam lifestyle. One year on from his last visit he has gathered a few people together to talk about the progress made so far. ...