The iDeveloper Podcast

--- Steve Scott (Scotty) & John Fox ---

The iDeveloper Podcast is a magazine style podcast for OS X and iOS developers. Each episode looks at subjects such as recent developer news, technical issues around cocoa and cocoa touch, the latest tools and utilities as well as examining the business side of being an indie Mac or iOS developer.
Brought to you by Steve Scott (Scotty) & John Fox of The iDeveloper Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. 264 - The Great South American River Program

    Continuing on with accessibility, this week John talks bringing age-old techniques to the present. Whereas Scotty talks new techniques with the latest Big Sur beta and the decisions that developers need to make with each new macOS release. The boys also touch on the latest tech congress hearing. ...


  2. 263 - And the Sh*t Just Worked

    John talks his latest victories with accessibility and the hidden benefits that come along with it. Scotty talks his recent work with MoneyWell and updating for Big Sur. Also the boys share some thoughts on the Swift compiler. ...


  3. 262 - One List, Two List, Old List, New List

    This week the boys talk testing with John talking through his recent endeavours with a variety of different tests for dynamic type. Also his recent "travels" and how the process of hiring is changing. Scotty talks about his week of list comparison and the future of NSDocument within MoneyWell. ...


  4. 261 - It's... Passable

    John speaks of his rollercoaster of developer emotions this week with some dynamic type within certain cells. And Scotty talks moving MoneyWell from CocoaPods to Swift Package Manager, the pros and cons of Firebase and Swift Package Index. ...


  5. 260 - 30 Minutes of Goodness Is All It Takes

    A week of refection of WWDC 2020 as John and Scotty share their thoughts on the first online only WWDC and share their own personal highlights. John also talks his teams recent feature ship and the importance of teamwork. While Scotty shares his recent successes with MoneyWell. ...