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May 06, 2021 00:33:43
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291 - High Speed Typography

After finding an additional fractional listener from down the back of the couch thanks to the new Apple AirTags, this week the boys talk the nature of social media companies tracking and privacy policies. John talks his recent dynamic type BugBash and the world of high speed text rendering, namely the problems with widows and orphans. And the boys talk the culture of consuming content, from Netflix's new 'Play Something' feature to the seemingly infinite choice of possible content. Signal trolling Facebook over privacy Dynamic Type Shuffle Dance ...



April 29, 2021 00:32:05
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290 - The Tech-xas Chainsaw Massacre

John shares his recent hold up with a failed screenshot test with some dynamic type on a certain canvas with some certain languages. Also talks the surprise joy of SwiftUI Buttons. Scotty talks his recent client work on a more complex Mac app after a 6 month hiatus and the joy of finding a few helpful comments. Scotty also attempts to liken software development to electrician. Hacking With Swift: well-worth the subscription fee ...



April 15, 2021 00:31:27
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289 - A Little Bit More Fuzz Where We're Looking For Clarity

This week the boys discuss the recently announced Spring Apple Event. John shares his successes with the debug tool mentioned last week and some accessibility improvements being made off the back of it. Scotty shares his more successful week of working with test data on some recent client work and his work in graphic contexts and the complexity of drawing to different outputs. Monty Python skit: Whizzo Chocolate Company, Spring Surprise ...



April 09, 2021 00:30:51
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288 - IngaBeebaBloobaAbbaBoombaAkappaAblooBaDoor

John shares his week of working on a card game based app for a friend, the noticed differences between SwiftUI and UIKit, and some developer decisions that have cropped up. Also his upcoming day of accessibility bug fixing. Scotty shares his week of growing incompetence, starting with the ever more difficult task of recording a podcast, down to his work with NSBitmapImageRep. I Think Therefore I Question Programming Languages That Suck Alex’s next career move after the RubyCocoa re-write fails Alex Repty @ NSConference running away from Obj-C ...



April 01, 2021 00:32:03
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287 - Finding a Use for My Faff-Hole

With reflections on their WWDC premonitions from last week against the latest announcement and rumours, John shares some surprise praise for the fractional listener and his recent troubles with passing Objective-C to JavaScript. Scotty talks of a Command Line Tool he's been working on this week and the lack of resources that comes bundled with that. ...



March 26, 2021 00:32:35
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286 - I Want to Joy the F*** Out of Your Heart

This week the boys try and get ahead of the curve and discuss what they want to see at WWDC2021. John shares his continued dive into the mire of AVMutableComposition and the patchwork of available documentation. Scotty talks his unintentional tech news blackout and the best ways to prevent and deal with burnout.   It Could Be Worse | YouTube Debugging AVComposition ...

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