372 - It’s Shire, Not Sher!

Episode 372 October 19, 2023 00:37:49
372 - It’s Shire, Not Sher!
The iDeveloper Podcast
372 - It’s Shire, Not Sher!

Oct 19 2023 | 00:37:49


Show Notes

This week, John and Scotty have a lot to cover. John shares his recent travels, reflecting on the 10-year anniversary of Orange Grove. He delves into the development of Greece and his contributions to various panels. John also highlights the advantages of working while traveling, especially when it comes to testing features under real-world connection conditions and speeds. Scotty provides insights into the ongoing development of MoneyWell, focusing on the upcoming changes to bank connections.

Greek Economy Wildly Better Than 10 Years Ago | NYTimes

Full Video From Orange Grove 10 Year Retrospective | YouTube

Blooper Reel From Johns Presentation on AI | YouTube

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