The iDeveloper Podcast

--- Steve Scott (Scotty) & John Fox ---

The iDeveloper Podcast is a magazine style podcast for OS X and iOS developers. Each episode looks at subjects such as recent developer news, technical issues around cocoa and cocoa touch, the latest tools and utilities as well as examining the business side of being an indie Mac or iOS developer.
Brought to you by Steve Scott (Scotty) & John Fox of The iDeveloper Podcast

Latest Episodes…

  1. iDeveloper Live 049: The College Journey

    Scotty & John interview Randy Luecke about his college journey while developing apps and being an intern. ...


  2. iDeveloper Live 048: Automated UI Testing with Calabash

    Scotty & John spend an hour talking with Niklas Saers & Karl Krukow about automated UI testing with Calabash as well as spending little time talking about WWDC ...


  3. iDeveloper Live 047: NSCollaborate

    Saul Mora & Simon Wolf join Scotty in the studio & along with John, they review NSConference, the importance of face to face meetings, good designers, Appsterdam, Sauls Magical Record app & Simon offers another avTag diary. ...


  4. iDeveloper Live 046: Pointless Bugs & Treadmills

    Far too much content & guests to fit in the iTunes summary this week so you'll just have to listen! But there's talk on the new iPad, is it worth it, the insanity of USA's day light saving, the point of Radar and getting fit while coding. ...


  5. iDeveloper Live 045: Creating Slender Apps

    It's a full house this week with Dave Wiskus of Black Pixel and Kyle Rictor of Dragon Forged Software, who share their experience of collaborating on the development of the new app, Slender. Plus there's Simon Wolf with the avTag diaries. ...